Wrap Ups

October Wrap-Up 2018

Hi readers! I'm bringing to you today my October wrap-up! I read a total of 7 books in October (one of which was a new all-time fave) and published 5 blog posts! This past month I read: 1 Non-Fiction 2 Adult Romance 2 Young Adult Fiction 2 Adult Fiction I'm pretty happy with that. I… Continue reading October Wrap-Up 2018


November TBR 2018

Hey readers! I don't usually like making TBR posts because I feel like I never stick to them, but I decided to try one this month to see how I go! I have a pretty mixed bunch picked out for November-- 2 non-fiction, 2 adult fiction, 2 young adult fiction and 1 romance! I read… Continue reading November TBR 2018


On Consumerism in the Book Community & My 2019 Buying Ban | Discussion

Hi readers! Over the years in the book community, I've seen a few discussions around consumerism in the book community, thoughts on book hauls and how some people feel pressured to buy/own a lot of books. This blog post will be all about my own experiences with these things & why this has influenced me… Continue reading On Consumerism in the Book Community & My 2019 Buying Ban | Discussion