#DiversifiveBooks Challenge

Hi readers! I came across this challenge while I was scrolling through bookstagram a few days ago and thought I’d turn it into a post for my blog. This was created by The Stacks Podcast as a way to bring attention to some under appreciated books! (NOTE: I am slightly modifying the challenge questions to fit my blog > bookstagram). The challenges are:

  • A book that you loved before you started blogging
  • A book you love by an author from a different ethnicity than you
  • A book you’re excited to read by or about people of colour
  • A book you love that you rarely see featured
  • A book in a genre you don’t normally read that you ended up loving

A Book You Loved Before Starting Blogging
 Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini

To be honest, any time I ever have to answer this question, Stacrossed is always my go-to. I was utterly obsessed with this book when I was in high school and it was my absolute favourite series of all time for a while. It included everything I loved; romance, Greek mythology, action, drama. I know that if I was to go back and reread this now, I definitely would not feel the same way about it. My tastes have changed so much since I read this book, but it will always have a very special place in my heart!

A Book You Love by An Author from a Different Ethnicity Than You


A Girl Like Her by Talia Hibbert

A Girl Like Her is my #1 favourite romance of all time, so I just had to include it. Talia Hibbert is a powerhouse in romance and I wish she got the love, reocognition and hype she deserves!! A Girl Like Her is an amazing slow-burn contemporary romance featuring an autistic, black, fat heroine and a soft ex-military hero. It is so sex and fat positive with I think is really needed in romance. Along with steamy, amazing romances, Talia’s books also explore some heavy topics, but she handles them so expertly. If you’re at all a fan of romance, you need to check Talia Hibbert out!

A Book You’re Excited to Read By or About PoC


Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan

This is actually going to be my next read, as Girls of Paper and Fire comes out on November 6th and I have an ARC I need to read/review before release. I don’t think I’ve heard a single bad thing from anyone reviewing ARCs and that makes me 10000x more excited for this. All I really know about this is that it is a fantasy book featuring Asian main characters and a f/f relationship. There’s so little f/f representation in fantasy, let alone f/f rep with PoC so I’m just so excited to read this.

A Book You Love That You Rarely See Featured


Far From You by Tess Sharpe

I read this back in 2016 and Tess Sharpe immediately became one of my auto-buy authors. Far From You is a Young Adult mystery featuring a chronically ill, bisexual main character. Sophie was one of the first bisexual characters I’d ever read and it was such an accurate representation. FFY is dark and gritty, the plot and mystery are intriguing and I loved the characters. I remember adoring Tess Sharpe’s writing and I just wish this was talked about more!

A Book in a Genre You Don’t Normally Read That You Ended Up Loving


So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo

Non-fiction is a genre that used to intimidate the heck out of me, but I’ve recently been reaching towards it more. So You Want to Talk About Race is an exploration of racism in America. Oluo has an engaging, informative, accessible prose that draws you in and keeps your attention. Each chapter begins with a personal anecdote that progress into a more guideline-like structure. Oluo covers topics such as police brutality, the school to prison pipeline, microaggressions, cultural appropriation and more. This is my go-to recommendation for people wanting to learn more about race/racism and it really ignited a passion for reading and learning from more non-fiction books.

Okay, there we have my #Diversifivebooks challenge! This was really fun to write and I love spreading some love to lesser-known/unappreciated books. If you’re the same, I very much encourage you to write a post of your own!

Thanks so much for reading!

Taryn xxx


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