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November Wrap-Up 2018

Hi friends, I can’t believe November is over already! This post is going up a couple days later than I was hoping, but better late than never. I started a Scribd subscription in November and discovered that I enjoy listening to audiobooks. Overall I managed to read a total of 14 books in November– the highest number of books I’ve ever read in a month! I read a pretty big variety of books this month– both in genre and enjoyment. In November I read:

  • 2 non-fiction
  • 2 poetry collections
  • 3 romances
  • 6 young adult books
  • 1 adult fiction

Overall I’m pretty happy with that. I would’ve liked to have read more adult books, but I’m still happy with what I read!

Books I Read in November

» Eloquent Rage by Brittney Cooper

This was an excellent collection of essays that centred black women & black women’s feminism. If you consider yourself a feminist, or want to engage in more feminist critical thinking, I highly recommend giving this one a read! It’s provocative & challenging & sure to make you think.

» 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne

This was… so disappointing. I buddy read this with my best friend, Amber & we both had very similar opinions on this. I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Hating Game but I was interested to see how Sally Thorne improved with her sophmore novel. Unfortunately, this one was a huge miss for me. It was problematic, underdeveloped and shallow. The witty writing style was great, but there was just too much I didn’t like about this. You can check out my full review here! 

» Stripped by Zoey Castille

This was another romance that I found a bit underwhelming. I wanted to see more emotional connection between the characters and the ending was super rushed. Nothing overwhelmingly bad about it, it just wasn’t as good as I was hoping. I did like the side characters, though, so I’ll read the next book and see how I like it!

» A Gentleman in the Street by Alisha Rai

I haven’t read an Alisha Rai book since the start of the year and damn, I’d forgotten how great her books are. If you saw my Fave Romance Books post you would have seen that this is one of my new fave romances! Alisha Rai writes the perfect balance of sweet and sexy– she has some of the best sex scenes in all of the romances I’ve ever read. Akira was a really great protagonist & Jacob was an awesome hero. This is a kinda hate-to-love romance & I just loved it so much. Highly recommend!

» The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One by Amanda Lovelace

I really appreciated how inclusive and feminist af this was, but unfortunately I wasn’t blown away. I liked the overarching theme of fire & witches & burning, but otherwise, I don’t think it brought anything really original to the scene. I didn’t hate it, but didn’t love it either. Maybe I would’ve liked this better if I hadn’t read a poetry collection earlier in the month that I really liked, but oh well.

» Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan

This was the first book I finished in November! This is a pretty solid debut. Ngan has crafted an interesting story with some great characters, a lovely f/f relationship and great exploration of misogyny and rape culture. I felt that it could have done with some deeper world-building, better pacing & a little more character development, but overall I liked this pretty well and am interested to continue the series. You can read my full review here.

» The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

This book. This book was everything I could have asked for, and more. It is easily one of my favourite books of the entire year and I just loved everything about it. This is a dark, atomosphereic, fairytale-esque fantasy with great political intrigue, interesting family dynamics, a perfectl slow-burn hate-to-love romance, and more. I am so excited for The Wicked King and will certainly read all of Black’s backlist! You can read my full review here.

» The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

I’m so happy I finally read this & I’m so excited to continue this seres in January! The Bear and the Nightingale is one of the most beautifully written books I’ve ever read. The wintery atmosphere is absolutely perfect and the prose is so whimsically magical. The start was a little slow moving, but once you hit the 100 page mark, you are so sucked in. What a beautiful book!

» Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills

This is hands down the best YA contemporary book I’ve read in a long while. I am so happy that teens today get to grow up in a world where this book exists for them, because I know teenage Taryn would have loved this to pieces. The portrayal of teenagers is just so accurate and authentic. The humour is great, the characters are relatable and everything about this story is just amazing.

Audiobooks I Listened To in November

» If They Come for Us by Fatimah Asghar

This was a stunning debut poetry collection centring around the partition of India and the author’s experiences as a Muslim-Pakistani woman in America. Asghar beautifully blends lyrical, raw and honest prose to explore themes such as history, family, sexuality, identity, violence, culture and more. I highly recommend this collection, though it deals with some heavy topics so please read with caution!

» Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson

This was a lovely memoir of Woodson’s childhood, written in freeverse. It was provocative, and Jacqueline Woodson has a lovely way of story-telling. It was great to hear her narrate the audiobook herself & I felt that that added something special on top of the novel.

» Wayward Children’s series by Seanan McGuire

I’m counting all 3 books in one under here, and I really liked them all. This is a super unique, inclusive, lovely series that I can’t wait to read more from. McGuire manages to pack such a lot into such a small book and always has great social and political commentary. The audiobooks for these were all really great productions & I can’t wait to continue the series down the road!

Blog Posts I Published in November

» Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan | Review

» 5 Most Anticipated Non-Fiction Reads | TBR

» The Cruel Prince by Holly Black | Review

» 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne | Review

» Fave Romance Books/#SmutAThon Recommendations

That’s all for this month’s wrap-up! I’m really proud of how much I managed to read in November and I’m pretty happy with my blog posts. After not posting a single review in October, I’m glad I managed to write & post 3 in November!

How did November treat you? Come and let me know your faves of the month, and link me to your favourite blog post you wrote in November!

Thanks so much for reading!

Taryn xxx

15 thoughts on “November Wrap-Up 2018

  1. You read so many books, it’s impressive! I only read one in November 😂 too much studying put me in a reading slump! I started The Cruel Prince and had to stop to revise for an exam and the more I hear about it, the more in love with it I get. You’re really making me want to pick it back up!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhhh I’ve been wondering about reading The Cruel Prince! I’ve heard mixed reviews about it from my friends, but Holly Black is an excellent writer. I might have to pick it up! (I’ve also been debating whether or not to try out Emma Mills?? I’m not a big fluffy contemporary person, but her books really intrigue me for some reason.)

    And I agree with your commentary on The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One. It feels like the theme of Lovelace’s poetry has been utterly exhausted by her and Kaur and Shompole and Robbins and all the other poets who write in that style. I’m kind of tired of it, honestly. Like it’s valuable messaging, but I’ve not seen much new.

    This month, my favorite reads were probably My Antonia by Willa Cather and Eminent Outlaws: The Gay Writers Who Changed America by Christopher Bram.

    Eleanor | On the Other Side of Reality

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