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April Wrap-Up | 2020

Hey guys! I know this is like a week late (sorry). I feel like everyone has been saying this, but April felt like the quickest month of my entire life. I actually got some reading done– after only having finished 1 book between January and April, I finished 7 books last month. Finally starting to feel more like myself and getting back into the flow of reading! I managed to finish:

  • 2 adult romance
  • 2 young adult fiction
  • 2 adult fiction
  • 1 non-fiction

Books I Read in April 

dark corners of the nightThe first book I finished in April was Dark Corners of the Night by Meg Gardiner. This is the 3rd book in the UNSUB series, one of my favourite mystery/thriller series and this instalment did not disappoint! The story was captivating and the tension was palpable. Too many times to count I found myself on the edge of my seat, needing to know what would happen next. Dark, gripping and very haunting, Gardiner dives deep into the psyche of this books UNSUB, expertly exploring both his thought process and methods, as well as delving into the profiling process and police investigation. Very excited to see what else Gardiner has in store for us with this series!



43801254The Worst Best Man reminded me why I love the romance genre so much. This follows Lina, a wedding planner who is trying to score a new job that could boost her career. Only issue? She needs to work with her ex-fiance’s brother (who happened to be the one to inform her that her fiance would be leaving her at the altar) to do it. What follows is a heartwarming hate-to-love romance. The platonic, romantic and familial relationships were all so well-explored and developed as the novel progressed. I listened to this one on audio, which I very much enjoyed (though I must admit, the male narattor was a little annoying when doing female voices). Overall, I very highly recommend this one.



43480010. sy475  I knew absolutely nothing about this novel before picking up the audiobook but holy moly did I fall in love with this cute contemporary romance! Our Stop follows Nadia and Daniel, two strangers who catch the same train together (on the days Nadia isn’t late). They start communicating with each other through the “Missed Connections” part of a newspaper and what follows is a cute love story full of near-misses but ultimately true love. What I loved most about this was how much Nadia and Daniel’s lives overlapped when they didn’t even realise it. This is one of those books that makes you wonder if something like that could ever happen to you. If you love cute romances, you have to check this one out.


44804083I was honestly expecting to like Come Tumbling Down a lot more than I did. This fifth instalment to McGuire’s Wayward Children series just fell a little short for me, which is even more disappointing considering my favourite book in the series is Down Among the Sticks and Bones, Jack & Jill’s other book. I’ve listened to this entire series on audio, and though it only took me a few hours to finish, I found myself sorely uninterested at some points and entirely zoning out. A large portion of this felt unoriginal and repetitive, so honestly… I’m considering abandoning the series if there’s another instalment. McGuire’s writing was still great, I just didn’t feel the same connection to the story and the characters that I used to.



49663570. sy475 I read Michael Arceneaux’s first book I Can’t Date Jesus last year and loved it so I was wholly unsurprised when I loved this as well. I listened to this on audio and his humor really shines through. Arceneaux unflinchingly details his life living under crushing student debt. He explores career choices, how dehumanising having debt can be, dealing with bill collectors, anxiety and eating disorders and much more. I thought this was a really strong collection of essays and this confirmed I’ll certainly pick up anything Arceneaux writes. Definitely recommend checking out his books!


44890081. sy475 My Dark Vanessa was my favourite read of the month. This is a book I feel like everyone has read already, and one that’s very hyped but totally deserves the hype, in my opinion. We follow Vanessa both as a teenager who believes she’s in love with her English teacher, and as a 30 year old woman being forced to reflect on this relationship after multiple current and former students accuse this teacher of sexual assaut. This is such a brilliantly written, nuanced exploration of agency, consent and trauma. If you’re in the right head space to read this, I highly recommend. Read my full review here.


35068618I read The Hate U Give when it came out back in 2017 and have had On the Come Up on my TBR since it was first announced. This is another book I listened to on audio and I was reminded why I loved Angie Thomas’ writing so much. I loved everything about this– the writing, the plot, the characters. Bri is one of my favourite characters I’ve read about for a while, and I loved her relationships with her friends and family. She felt so authentically teen. She made a lot of mistakes that stemmed from her inexperience, but it was such a realistic portrayal. I regret sleeping on this book for so long. If you’ve been sleeping on it, go pick it up. I promise it’s worth it!


What books did you read in April? If you’ve read any on this list, what were your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!


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